"Doc" Edgerton's High Speed Motion Studies


High-speed cinematography was the key to “Doc” Edgerton’s remarkable series of motion studies, begun in the 1930’s. This much loved M.I.T. professor was the 20th Century Muybridge in his invention of the stroboscope which he used for studying the motions of life. Milkdrop is an absolute wonder. Dramatically lit against a black background one sees the white droplet slowly descend, the first splash and crown, and a secondary column splash ending with a “slow” undulating settlement of the milk. All 90 pictures of the original makes for a large, wondrous flipbook. (2" by 5", 90 pages)

We're sorry, but the Balloonpop flipbook is no longer available.

The Milkdrop flipbook is among our best selling books. It appeals obviously to the science related interest, but the imagery is beautiful and sells extremely well on its visual merits. Available since 1995, it is currently on its 3rd edition, with a 4th edition currently being printed.