Karl Baden is a photographer living in Cambridge Massachusetts. He is obsessed with obsession. He has been taking pictures of himself everyday for God knows how many years, and likely will be holding a camera up to his face on his deathbed. He recently was interrogated by the FBI when they noticed him "suspiciously" taking pictures of an American flag (part of his post 9-11 studies). Currently he is collecting spam.

His photographs of the progression of his wife's body during her pregnancy was brought to our attention when he asked us to publish them for their birth announcement. He and his wife have kindly consented to your using same for your own birth announcement, or for your own voyeuristic pleasure. But please note: both the photographs and baby are copyrighted!

This is one of our best selling flipbooks. Click the picture above to see a low resolution animation of the sequence (in a new window).

3 x 4 inches, 40 pages b&w, nudity

The Quotidian Karl Baden