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Optical Toys is devoted to the creation of various sorts of paper toys. We take pains to faithfully reproduce original antique pieces but also publish toys of new designs and forms. The company started on the living room floor in 1988 with a focus on bringing to the modern market early paper movie toys with the belief that the invention of the cinema historically interrupted interest in these types of toys. As such there remains many aesthetic possibilities: unexplored, unsolved, and undone. As we have grown, we have discovered an equal fascination with paper toys, most especially those of a unique, beautiful, and odd graphic sensibility. The company now distributes over 50 different products and flipbook titles. Phenakistascopes, flipbooks, thaumatropes and other paper toys are sold in museum and specialty shops throughout North America, Europe, Japan and Australia.

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First time customers are required to pre-pay the order, by proforma invoice or C.O.D. shipment.
We request a minimum order of $125.
Products are sold F.O.B. Dummerston Vermont on a Net 30 day payment basis from date of shipment, unless otherwise agreed.
All items under $3.00 (and all flipbooks at any cost) must be ordered in multiples of six. Flipbook display samples can be purchased at half the wholesale price.
We work very hard to keep pricing steady from year to year, preferring to make up for cost increases by our own productivity, than passing such costs on. Just the same, prices are subject to change without notice. The latest pricing is always available on the website. (Wholesale information pages are accessed by clicking on the nose of “A Cute Puppy”.)
Samples for review are sold at wholesale price, without shipping charge, and are non-returnable. No exceptions.
We do not use any sales reps. Our regular attendance at the New York Gift Fair has currently stopped. The new products now are announced by email. Please request to be on the list. Samples are sent out in a generous manner.
Our regular wholesale customers come first. We are primarily in the business of creating and wholesaling our line of paper toys. However, we will gladly consider custom work, or custom versions of our products, on a case by case basis. If you are an ad agency, please note it is strongly suggested that you have serious intent and not idle curiousity. We generally are not interested in being part of an "idea package" for client review.
If your museum has interesting paper toys of any sort in the collection, and you have an interest in having any of them reproduced for the market, we are always interested to consider and discuss a mutually profitable arrangement.

For a catalogue or wholesale inquiries please write to:
Optical Toys
371 US Route 5
Dummerston, VT 05301
Telephone: 802 254 6115

Or, you can email owner Andy directly.

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