Paper Automatons

by Keisuke Saka

Swan Leg Ballet
Click the picture
to see it move

If you’ve ever wondered how a swan swims, wonder no longer. Cut out and glue the paper parts by following the easy instructions. Turn the crank and see the secret of the gliding swan. (Tchaikovsky not included.)




This poor penguin has a hopeless dream to fly and she needs your help. All you have to do is cut out the parts and glue them together according to the simple instructions. Then turn the crank and watch her make her hopeful attempts.







Click the picture to see it move


Toucan Tango


Click on the picture all you want, but it won't move until I get around to animating it.

 This bird sure can dance! And she sings too, but extremely quietly, and only at the command of your touch.

You see, it takes two to Toucan Tango.


Not much is known about Keisuke Saka of Tokyo. All that we know so far is that he is completely obsessed with making things (just about everything!) out of paper. Not that we'd start any rumors, but it seems clear to us that he has scissors instead of fingers, just like in that movie. We also know that he is saving up to buy a sofa. Won't you help?

Each set includes colored sheets of all the parts, plus explicitly clear instructions.
Takes about 3 hours or so to construct.

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