Princess, light up my life, glorify me, transform me, give me a kiss or I will die.

Give you a kiss?! I think not! We are not married!

One kiss from you and I would be as beautiful as the sun.

...aaaahhh, well, a very small one.

Thus begins the story of a Prince who turns into a frog, and a Princess . . . who turns into a slug.Through a series of kissing and animal transformations they finally get to the point that they can almost live happily ever after. Based on the silhouette animation of Parisian artist Michel Ocelot, this toy brings a wonderful story and the magical world of the shadow puppet theatre to both children and adults.The theatre is styled similar to European toy theatres of the later 19th century. Figures, along with backing board, are provided for cut-out. Pivot pins, handles, the screened stage and even the tickets are included. A 24-page booklet gives you a little history, construction instruction, performance tips and the original script, all the while encouraging collaboration and improvisation. Also included is a videotape (VHS-NTSC) of the original animated film by Ocelot, "Prince et Princess" (subtitles included). Box size 16 x 20 inches.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS ITEM IS NO LONGER AVAILBLE FROM OPTICAL TOYS. Please go to to inquire about availability.